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Social Media Marketing Services in Toronto ON | LeadCentral

“Social Media Marketing” may sound like something of a foreign language to you, and that’s OK. Your job is to run your company and do what you do best. Our job at Lead Central Ltd. is to use the internet to make sure your company can be easily found by potential customers looking to buy the products or services you provide.


Lead Generation That Works!


The lifeblood of every business is it’s customers. We do the work of sending customers to you - live and in real time. We connect you to customers by making sure that the website we produce for you steadily climbs the ranks of every major internet search engine including Google, Bing and Yahoo. We use Social Media Marketing through websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to spread the word about your company.
Live Customers Connected To Your Phone Or Website

When someone searches Google looking for “tires Toronto”, the search engine optimized website and daily article postings Lead Central posts for your Tire Selling Company will catch the attention of Google and list your website among the top results the searcher will see. When that person contacts your site - be ready to close the sale!


How Do We Know Customers Will Find You? You Found Us, Didn’t You!

We know customers will find you because generating leads is our focus and specialty. Lead Central Ltd. takes the guesswork out of how to spend and focus your marketing budget, and we make the internet work for you using Social Media, Content Marketing and our own specialized proprietary solution that gets your phone ringing.


What Will 20, 200, or 2000 Leads A Month Do For Your Business?


Call us to find out how we can get your company started on the path to growth. It takes very little time to get your web presence up and running (or revamped and running). Our expert team of SEO Specialists, Copywriters and MArketing and Advertising Specialists are ready to Tweet, Post and Share to make your company shine! Social Media Marketing Services in Toronto ON | LeadCentral call 1 (888) 924-7878.

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