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Advertise Your Services Using Online Marketing In Calgary AB

Online marketing & online advertising are among the most requested marketing services by businesses throughout Calgary. Getting your online presence up-to-date with new trends is vital to increasing the visibility of your business. Find out how to improving your website’s ranking with Lead Central Ltd.’s Search Engine Optimization and create an email newsletter to generate leads and market your products and services with Lead Central Ltd.’s innovative overhaul!


The Importance Of Tailored Marketing

Every area has its own important customs and cultures. Fit in with the expected norm when you use our special internet marketing, tailored for your unique location. Customers look for marketing that speaks out to them specifically. This is the underlying basis for segmenting your market in order to find your targeted consumers. Our company’s unique internet marketing research combined with our knowledge of the local environment means we have what it takes to bring out your competitive edge.


Improve Your Website’s Rankings With Search Engine Optimization

Your customers use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. This means that the ranking of your business website is vital to improve the visibility of your products and services. This feature allows existing and new customers to find the website, social media, and favourable reviews of your business easily when they’re shopping and/or searching for information online.


Create The Email Newsletter To Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Did you know that the email newsletter is one of the best ways to create leads and to offer your loyal customers incentives to repurchase? Get engaging subject headings and emails that increases traffic to your website and consumer interest in your products and services. Your existing customers and other interested potential customers can keep in touch with the promotions and sales offered by your booming business!


Online Advertising To Market Your Business

There is a whole host of tactics to improve the exposure of your business with constant new innovations to online advertising. Use online marketing, search engine optimization, and email newsletters to generate the leads to improving your business profitability! Lead Central Ltd. offers highly regarded online advertising services to achieve your marketing goals. Call now to start investing in the online reputation of your business with Lead Central Ltd.! Advertise Your Products And Services Using Online Marketing In Calgary AB call 1 (888) 924-7878.

Online Advertising Will Grow Your Business

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Calgary Business
Content Marketing

We love to make you look good!
By doing the behind the scenes work, our marketing team positions your company to reap the benefits of our Content Marketing expertise.


Calgary Business
Lead Generation

We get your phone ringing! By connecting you to clients who are searching the web for your services, we use the power of the internet to increase your business.


Business Local
Internet Marketing

We’ve got the inside scoop on how to get local eyes on your website. Finding clients that reside in your service areas and are accessible to your employees is our skill.


Calgary Business
Online Advertising

We showcase your company and its services. When potential clients find your site, they are met by clear, catchy content that begins the sales process before they even pick up the phone!


Calgary Business
Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Linked­In.
There are many ways to reach potential clients, and we know them all! Daily updates about your company keep your services in the social media spotlight.


Calgary Business
Website Design

Put your best foot forward!
We create Search Engine Optimized websites that incorporate calls to action on every page. Professional copy keeps your website competitive.



Is This The Same Thing As Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a method to get potential customers to click on your online Ads. Each time they click, you pay - whether or not they end up doing business with you. We don’t use Pay Per Click because it rarely gets you the kind of serious leads that are ready to be converted into sales. Pay Per Click eats up your advertising cash quickly, and often leaves you with nothing left of your marketing budget by the end of each month. With our Small Business & Start-Up Solution you pay only for Qualified Leads, while our Midsize & Enterprise Solution comes with unlimited free calls. In other words - we give you more bang for your buck.


How Long Before My Phone Starts To Ring?

It is reasonable to start noticing the beginning of a gradual but steady rise in customers contacting you for your products and services a few weeks after launching your website. Content Marketing works by building momentum as your website ranks higher in Search Engines over time. This keeps your lead volume growing, steadily and surely.


Do I have To Sign A Contract?

Our Service Agreements are simple and straightforward. We lay out what you can expect from us (our service obligations) and what we can expect from you (payment for service), so there are never any surprises. Our industry standard Service Agreements last for One Year. Based on our customer reviews, we’re confident that our pricing, expertise and professionalism will be a winning combination for your company needs and the beginning of a long term relationship between our companies.


What If I Already Have My Own Website?

While some of our partners are discovering the world of internet marketing for the first time, most of our partners have their own website. Our integrated website templates produce leads for your business and are the most effective way to acquire new leads.


What Is A Lead?

A customer lead is the initiation of interest or inquiry into your businesses products or services for the purpose of a sale. We send you live customers connected to your phone or website – in real time!